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About Me
Itsa me? The name's Jacek and I'm 37 year old fella from southern parts of Sweden. I've been into Hardcore since late 2001 when a mate of my brother downloaded some happy hardcore tunes for us on KaZaA (yes... you read right, KaZaA!). Compared to my brother, who at that time only liked Hiphop and slow as hell/bassonly techno, I instantly got hooked to the speed and sheer blizz of the happy sound. After that, I started finding out more tunes (well, thats how i got started, can't lie about it), and when I graduated from school, I found out about IMO Records, and I recently had applied to getting a credit card (throu a campaign for graduating students). This was around 2003, and after that, I started to buy vinyls everytime i got enough money. At the 3rd part of 2003, I started experimenting with a program called atomixmp3, which for those who dont know, is a program that you can mix MP3 or WAV tracks with, almost like a real DJ. After that I found out the same programmers had released VirtualDJ, which was an improved upgrade of AtomixMP3, and I've used this program for most of my mixes.

Teh Samus? Samination?
Samination has nothing to do with my own name, as you can clearly see in the About Me above. Samination was at first actually my first DJ name, but I momentarely changed to DJ Damnation, till I found out someone already used it. Samination comes from Samus Aran, a character in the Metroid game-series (check around some Nintendo sites for info about this game series).

Laserdisc? Mixes
Originally I started out mixing at 180BPM, but occationally I went up to 190. Nowadays I mix mostly at 185 and if required, pitch up for certain tracks. I'v had a few mixes appear on various radiostreams (willingly and unwillingly). If accepted, I try to upload to the DI.fm/Hardcore stream for exposure. Also with the new streaming sites like Soundcloud and Mixcloud, which are great for both Artists and Deejays alike, I try to use them as much as possible.

The Site
I've had this site up since around early 2004. I've always made my own webpages (I've been using HTML since 1997), tho I tend to ask people for CSS help. Version 2 (originally Toxic Waste edition, but I changed the graphics from time to time) was propably the best try on a graphical website using fixed lengths, tho I prefered to keep it simple (thus why Version 4 doesn't have many images, plus it saves on downloadspeeds for the pages).

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email me at samination/@/samination.se, if there's something you want to contact me.
For track removals, email me at dlremoval/@/samination.se (this applies to both Mixes and Download section).
Don't forget to remove the /'s in the mailaddress, or I wont recieve anything.

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