Mix 68 - The Randoms' Gallery
Mixed by Samination
Mix Cover
Date recorded:2021-05-19
Size:217 MiB
Bitrate:480 kbps
Length:1:02:31 (3751 seconds)
Speed:180 BPM
Genres:UK Hardcore,Makina,Freeform,Gabber,Hardstyle
Mix Description
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All the tracks (with the except of one) were picked from two randomized list of 100 tracks from all the tracks that I had in possession. Hence the mix' name. The Randoms' Gallery is a reference to The Rogues' Gallery (a combilation of mugshots)

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01. REDALiCE - Law Field
02. Liqo - Got To Have It
03. Kors K - Tubular Bells
04. Javi Tracker, K-rlos DJ & Hase - Bring it Back
05. K-rlos DJ - Mercury
06. hurce - Flyhalf
07. Nysse & Hinton - Silver Water (Darren Styles remix)
08. Scott Bounce - Critical Levels (Big Riff mix)
09. Darren Styles - Universe
10. Cat Like Thief - Light The Candle (Jb-c remix)
11. Joey Riot - Lost Sem Voce (pitched up)
12. S3RL - What We Do
13. Nomic - Rule Breaker
14. Qygen - Dream Invader Network
15. Noizenecio - Make 2 D-Music
16. Minamotoya - Enter To The Empire (pitched up)
17. Dune - Rainbow to the Stars (Entity's Back-in-Time remix)
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