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06.01.14 | Stats for soundcloud (since 2011)
Here's just a quick list of stats recorded from Soundcloud. I noticed that I hadn't reuploaded mix 43 or 44 after i deleted them the first ime (because of soundclouds limits)

(per month)
42 2 37 (19) 26 (13)
47 5 220 (44) 62 (12)
42 12 212 (18) 57 (5)
45 10 164 (16) 49 (5)
48 1 100 (100) 18 (18)
46 8 78 (10) 17 (2)
49 9 457 (51) 42 (5)
48 12 438 (37) 68 (6)
46 12 351 (29) 38 (3)
51 3 342 (114) 34 (11)
50 7 291 (42) 43 (6)
42 12 255 (21) 35 (3)
journey1 4 212 (53) 14 (4)
47 12 202 (17) 45 (4)
45 12 354 (30) 24 (2)
52 1 90 (90) 16 (16)
16.06.13 | Soundcloud & Mixcloud stats as of 16th of June 2013
Just a quick status update on how well my mixes are going on both Mixcloud and Soundcloud. So far I've managed to collect over 2000 plays on soundcloud and 400 downloads, while mixcloud has over 4000 plays since 2011! I don't know if it's great, but it sounds nice! Keep playing them Smiley

Images showing my stats: Mixcloud and Soundcloud.
01.10.12 | Updating mixes
I am in a process of trying to update some of my older mixes. The problem is... I do not have any high quality backups of them :/

I might consider re-doing some of the mixes, but most of them I was thinking of just normalizing. Which would be best if I had higher quality backup, and not like in most cases, just 192kb/s. :/

If it's a good or bad idea, I dont know. I know that transcoding lossy codecs are considered a bad idea, but how great is the loss?
06.03.12 | First mix of 2012!
The usual, check out the mixes pages and you will find it there (it's Mix 45 if you haven't figured it out yet)
24.12.11 | 3 new mixes
2 new mixes has been uploaded, and a 3rd is on it's way. Don't know if I'm on the roll or not Tongue
17.04.11 | New Mix!!!
Finally got around to do a new mix. Technically it isnt a new mix, but a re-recorded version of my 4th Swedish Candyshow mix, now with less fail Tongue
12.06.08 | 40th mix!
Old news are still related news Tongue
This Weekend I finally got around to make a new mix, and the 40th official one. In total I've made about 50, but some have been deleted, or are played live. In any case, This one took the longest time to come to be. I am sorry for that. But Hardcore for me is starting to get boring (only 3 tracks in this mix are from 2008).
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29.07.18 | test
test 2
21.09.15 | Streams
I have used embedded streams from Soundcloud and Mixcloud for a while now, but all my mixes are not uploaded to any of those sites. So now I have, with the usage of the HTML5 compliant AUDIO tag added a "local" stream aswell. This should work for all modern browsers, even for your mobile devices. If you have problems downloading from my website though, this might not work perfectly Sad
10.05.13 | HTTP Mirrors are back
Now that I had bought a new computer with more horse power than the previous one, I was thinking of adding HTTP mirrors for people who might have toruble downloading from FTP servers. Anyways they are back now.
17.12.12 | Server downtime and Upgrade
Because of an power surge in my home town. My webserver was down this saturday. Because of this, my hard drive in the server went bust. ... Well not really. Luckily enough I could fix the MBR and I could use it again. But this gave me a reason to buy a new PC for my server. So things might load faster now Smiley
25.12.11 | Mix Comment system
Just added a Commentary system to my mixes. This way you can post your comments on the mixes instead of shoutbox menu. Posts will show on the specific mix the comment was posted, aswell as the shoutbox itself.
26.07.09 | Nothing
Have nothing to do. It's not like I'm dead or anything, just bored with hardcore in general. Might still do an odd mix now and then. Anyways, for everyone's that has listened and liked/disliked my mixes, thanks for the support Teary Smiley
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